Character Creation

Morra Cinematic Universal Game System

Mystical Rome is a unique setting powered via Morra: Cinematic Universal Game System, under development by Mighty Narwhal Productions. Morra uses a simple, streamlined system which features a host of different resolution techniques designed to suit almost any play style. The Beta Slice of Morra: Cinematic Universal Game System will be available in March-April 2019, with a Kickstarter planned for Summer 2019.

Mystical Rome Character Creation

All ticketed cast members will receive a PDF of the Genre: Mystical Rome and Morra: Cinematic Universal Game System. Current downloads for information on the game are at the end of this section!  


Character Creation Choices for Our Players

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  • You may use the approved Morra character creation under the Mystical Rome Genre.
  • You may answer a series of simple story questions, and a member of the Mystical Rome staff will create a character designed for the themes you are interested in exploring.

Character Resources for Our Players

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  • Cast members will be invited to select Discord groups based on their faction (see below).
  • Each faction will be assigned an Assistant Director to help build connections, ties, rivalries, goals, and establish things to do during the event. 
  • Cast members will have an opportunity to engage in directed quarterly online discussion and soft role play.
  • Cast members will have the opportunity to build their own Minor Patrician families allied with one of the major Patrician families.
  • Some Kickstarter rewards will include membership and leadership roles in the Major Patrician Families (Aemilii, Claudii, Cornelii, Fabii, Sulpicii, and the Valerii).

Newly Available Mystical Rome Archetypes


To explore the universe of Mystical Rome, the custom archetypes for this setting have been designed around the common professions of the era, and for this unique Genre. A character’s profession defines how she experiences life in Mystical Rome, including her political beliefs and social standing. 

These archetypes have been created to contain the widest range of Roman experiences. But if you wish to explore a special concept, contact to discuss.

The following custom archetypes are available for play within Mystical Rome:

  • Artisan
  • Bureaucrat / Politician
  • Clergy
  • Criminal
  • Gladiator
  • Merchant
  • Legionnaire
  • Soothsayer 

Mystical Rome Factions


Cato the Black is attributed to the saying that Rome rules the known world, but she lacks the discipline to govern herself. 

The following Factions are available for play: 

  • Major Patrician Families (Aemilii, Claudii, Cornelii, Fabii, Sulpicii, and Valerii)
  • Minor Patrician Families (including the option to create your own)
  • Plebeian Families (including the option to create your own)
  • Liberti (Freedmen and Freedwomen)
  • Slaves
  • Foreign Tribes
  • The Collegia