Stone Fountain

Mighty Narwhal has been blessed to partner with the Venusian Church Longhouse in Redmond-Fall City, where we look forward to hosting a weekend-long Mystical Rome LARP on September 13-15th, 2019.


Statue of woman

The Mystical Rome weekend LARP event will be hosted at the Venusian Church Longhouse, a multi-acre site with numerous Roman architectural details. All images on this page were taken at the site. 


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For those who prefer glamping, the Redmond Inn is 8 minutes away and we will provide shuttle service at select times.  You can enter the information below for the room rate.


Hotel Price:  Queen/Queen room is $119 per night plus tax. 

Code: Mystical Rome 

There are multiple food locations available, such as Family Pancake House, Jimmy Johns, and Chipotle. 


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The Venusian Longhouse includes a giant campground that includes acres of land, a large indoor swimming pool, two hot tubs, showers, and bathrooms, which can easily accommodate staff and players.

We’re planning for large, pavilion-style communal tents, in addition to a limited number of large cabins and RV space.

Cast will have the option to camp with their own gear, or stay in one of cabins (if purchased), a communal tent, or at the local hotel. 

If you require special accommodations, such as needing wheelchair access, space for a service dog, or other, please contact info@mightynarwhal.com so we can ensure your enjoyment of the event.